Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How I grew my online business from strength to strength

I want to give you all a few tips that have helped me grow my business over the past 4 years.
First of all though before I give tips on any strategies I have to say to everyone who reads this that it makes no difference what strategies you know or how much knowledge you have if you don't have a burning desire and commitment and focus to make things happen for yourself then it will all be a complete waste of time, money and energy.

What kept me going through the tough times in the first couple of years when I made no money and lost money and was arguing everyday with my partner about the amount of time I was spending on this online business dream that I had was the fact that my vision of being free from employment and free to work when and where I wanted and to be back in control of my life to be able to spend more time with my family and friends was intensely strong.

The number one reason I am having success today is because I didn't give up I didn't quit, I didn't lose sight of the dream that I had. I saw others achieving and thought if they can do it then so can I...
So here is a guide to what you simply have to be doing on a daily basis in order to give yourself the best possible chance of winning in this industry.

1) Personal Branding - This industry is all about people getting exposure and branding yourself is extremely important in making your exposure mean something in the minds of your followers..
Be congruent with your Brand and Set up all your social profiles and create a blog all with the same branding so that your message is clear and not confused.

2) People Join People they know like and trust and in the beginning of your online journey it's important not to be just spamming your links and your business throughout all your social media.
Start by making a video and talk about your aspirations and what you are looking for out of life. You will get far more exposure with Video marketing than anything else. Many of you may feel uneasy about making videos but to be blunt with you this is a people business and it's about communication so if you don't like speaking too or meeting people then your probably in the wrong business.
Video will speed up the process x10 in terms of getting brand awareness.

Your should be on a mission to get a message out that resonates with people that are looking for something more in their lives.. You have to get across all the aspirational dreams that people had when they were growing up and show them that there is a way to retrieve and fulfil those dreams through personal development and network marketing. Show them that it's possible to create extra income and that anything is possible with a little effort.

3) Leverage the results of others and piggyback of leaders that are already successful. This is the best way to influence people when you don't have your own results to show when you are first starting out.
4) Your job is to get noticed and make new friends. Comment, Like, Share posts of leaders and always make your comments stand out from everybody else's.
5) Teach something no matter how small or insignificant you think it might be. Learn something then teach it through video either with screen sharing and demo's or just speaking it. It's the fastest way to build authority in a subject.

6) Blogging can get you traffic to your business.. This requires patience and time but will bring you leads and sales on autopilot if you are consistent. Tip... Use a site like iWriter to get content made for you if you don't have time. Take other peoples content and rewrite it in your own words.. there are plenty of authority sites that you can find excellent content on.
7) Youtube channels are really important and you need to make one and brand it and start making videos and posting every few days. I get new subscribers daily because of the effort I put in at the early stages.

8) Don't jump from one biz to the next and expect to get different results.. It's not the biz thats the problem here its the person every time. If your not making enough to cover your costs in one business then its unlikely things will change in another. Build your skills over time with one Biz and then branch out once you are getting results. Don't change businesses unless you really don't like the business your involved with.

9) Build an email list by creating a funnel with a free give away... Maybe an ebook of some kind. Building an email list is all about capturing your audience and being able to communicate at any time directly with the people on your list. Always look to be capturing emails and try to email your list at least once per day.

10) Paid Marketing Strategies - Undoubtedly if you want to get huge traffic to your business then you have multiple options from Facebook to Google and Bing to Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Native Ads and Banner advertising.. The secret here is making compliant advertisements that focus on benefits and solving problems because these are the things that are being searched for in the search engines.

11) Google hangouts - set up your own hangouts on a regular basis and invite friends and discuss the business

12) Off Line Events - These are so powerful and bring people together in real life and forges very strong bonds between people and strengthens your business.

Personally I am looking at YouTube and Google and Bing Ads and I will be sending the traffic to my blog posts that I will start with where I will offer value posts.
Remember this is a business and you will get out of your business what you put into it and that's the bottom line.
Hope these general points are of some value..

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