Tuesday, 24 November 2015

$1K Commission, Proof with MOBE, MTTB Back office

Top Tier is basically a fancy
name for “high price point.”
Top Tier companies have higher entry levels (higher prices) than
traditional direct sales companies.

This means that you make a LOT more money with a lot less sales.
For example…
Let’s say you wanted to make $100,000 a month.
If you tried to make $100,000 by selling $10 ebooks, you would need to
sell 10,000 ebooks.
On the other hand, if you sold a $10,000 program you would only need to
make 10 sales.
10 is lot less than 10,000…

Pretty much a no-brainer.
The catch is… it is harder to make that $10,000 sale.
Until now…
You see, this 21-step system takes care of ALL the hard work of making
high-ticket sales for you.

My First $1K Commission Proof with MOBE, MTTB Back office

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Matt Feast

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