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Five Reasons Why MOBE Actually Really Works for Home Businesses

MOBE stands for My Online Business Empire. At the moment, it is where I invest most of my time and which brings me the highest ROI for my time and my money. And in some manners, it is a network marketing company.

Why have I've mentioned this upfront?

Because like lots of people, you may scorn at network marketing. It is usually associated with things like low-quality, over-priced cosmetics, organic soap and over-the-top business opportunities. That's why when you first come into contact with MOBE, you may feel a bit skeptical, not about the company itself but because of what it represents.

Well, MOBE worked for me. It worked so well that I've achieved a over $3K in Commissions to date and when I've first started, I thought that this was impossible.

The reason why I thought this was impossible is because in a internet marketing company, the top earners are those who started early and who have built the biggest network of people.

This was wrong, in some manners. Yes, being a sponsor is the way to go and yes, networking matters. Yes, in one year I'll earn twice as much as now and in three years, maybe ten times as much. But this is not the point.

The point is that MOBE provides top quality, high ticket products that you can promote and earn a big commission on. You will earn 90 % of any product under $500 and 50 % of any high ticket product. When MOBE was built, they focused on doing a few things exceptionally right. These are:

Build products that people want to buy, not only in order to promote them but because they have huge intrinsic value.
Make it as easy for members to sell and earn big commissions while still maintaining a profitable business model.
In other words, if most internet marketing companies are earning their profit on the front-end, by recruiting first tier members who never go further, MOBE can earn a profit only if you sell your products. This means that it has an intrinsic motivation to help you make money, since their own revenue is linked to your ability to bring personal revenue. And this is what I call win-- win.

So here are briefly, the five reasons why MOBE succeeds in providing a great platform for promoting products as an affiliate.

My First $1K Commission with Mobe Home Business, & still Im making regular commissions each month.

A large range of high quality products with prices ranging from $49 to $15,000.
For products over $2,000 (MLR license), they are actively helping you close deals through a sales team.
The very best IM education on the market at one of the lowest prices. I've invested hundreds of dollars in books and courses and nothing comes even close to this.
Enough liberty and flexibility to build your own sales funnels as you see fit. As long as you don't make fraudulent claims, you can offer anything in your power to make the sale.
Evergreen potential-- the problem with most network marketing companies who are engaged in IM is that products will eventually become obsolete and too common. Due to the high ticket focus and the fact that these are updated on a common basis, it's virtually impossible to run out of a market who can profit from.
Is MOBE perfect?

Not by a far shot and I'm constantly engaged into looking for new opportunities. However, for what it does, it succeeds. I own my own low-ticket products and these are sold for under $50. It would take me 20 sales of my own product to earn for selling a single MLR license from MOBE (50 % out of $2,000).

And in the end, even if owning my own $2,000 product or $5,000 or $15,000 is a better idea, if I am to calculate after my ROI (time invested for revenue gained), MOBE is better than being a product owner and creator.

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